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Bellevue News

Reduce plastic, refill your water bottle!

We love our environment!

From today on you can refill your water bottle at the Bellevue Restaurant. 
When arriving in Bellevue we will provide you with a bottle of water in your room, free of charge. 
This bottle you can use to refill again in our restaurant, therefore we participate in reducing plastic on our beautiful island. 

You can refill your bottle unlimited for a dollar a day.


Karibu sana! 



Welcome to our renewed Bellevue!

We would like to welcome you to our NEW Bellevue!

After months of hard work during the rainy season, we now have a NEW AND MODERNIZED RESTAURANT without losing the initial authentic, cosy & homey feeling.

We now also have a much BIGGER KITCHEN so that our professional and great chefs can serve you even better.

Then we RENEWED OUR INFINITY POOL to make it look even more NATURAL.

Last but not least, we are very happy and PROUD TO PRESENT OUR NEW OUTSIDE GARDEN TERRACE. Just one step from the restaurant you will find comfortable lounge seats on the outside deck. Perfect for reading a book in the natural shade during the day time or to have a drink with your friends and family underneath the starlit sky!  

Come and see it for yourself! Check our great offers, book now and welcome in the new Bellevue!




Bellevue CLOSED until end of May 2016

Rainy season has started!

Bellevue thanks all of you for a GREAT SEASON with many relaxing pool days, lovely beachwalks, beautiful snorkeling, perfect kitesurf session and countless cosy evenings with sushi and bonfires on the beach..

For now we will CLOSE OUR DOORS until the end of May 2016; to hide from the rain, but mainly to do a lot of maintenance.

We will open again first of June with an upgraded kitchen, totally renewed restaurant and an extra outside terrace! We will keep you updated. And of course you are very welcome to enjoy the "new" Bellevue next season :-)





Salif Keita in Zanzibar!

This year Jahazi Literary and Jazz Festival is headlined by the one and only Salif Keita from Mali, also known as the Golden Voice of Africa. Big news! Once you have listened to his magical voice, you are sold..  

Want to join this special occasion? Salif Keita will perform on August 28; tickets are available at Livingstone Beach Restaurant and the Old Fort in Stone Town.

Karibu sana!




Karibu Bellevue VILLA!

Bellevue crew has started a new adventure.

End of June 2015 we started renovating a gorgeous Swahili Villa that is private yet right next to Bellevue. The villa contains a beautiful family suite, and two top floor suites with an amazing view. The swahili bathrooms, the unique Zanzibari doors and many gorgeous details make this Villa the dream place to be.

We are proud that our first suite Mchanga (which means 'Sand' in Kiswahili) is ready for you to see and hopefully one day to enjoy!

Thanks for all the hard work & great team spirit Geert & Janna, Emma, Matone, Peter & Khalifa...

Karibu Bellevue Villa...



Spicy times at Bellevue


Zanzibar; spice Island. Most of us already know that. But how exactly do the Zanzibari use all these spices in their food? And what are the typical dishes of Zanzibar? This we might find out sooner than later!  

Dutch cookbook writer Mirjam Letsch is now staying at Bellevue for a month, discovering Zanzibar and her Swahili kitchen. And the best part is: she will write all about it in her third Street Food cookbook! (To give you an indication: the Kosovo edition won an important cookbook price) Her husband is helping her out, making some stunning pictures to illustrate all those tasty recipes they are gathering for the Zanzibar Street Food book. An example you'll find above. And last but not least: Mirjam will share the books’ profit with a Zanzibarian charity, JENGA might play a part too. You can follow their story on the Street Food website

You better get your spices ready! :-)

Marleen, also staying at Bellevue at the moment, just got her spices ready actually. She visited a couple of local farmers to take 55 kg (!) of Zanzibar spices back home to the Netherlands. Why? Her daugther will use all these spices for making ‘kruidnoten’ and ‘speculaas’ at her bakery BBROOD (Dutch for ‘be bread’). Yum!

So yeah, spicy times at Bellevue. Are you also interested in (taking home some) spices from Zanzibar? Don’t hesitate to contact us or to get inspired by Mr Spice himself on his famous Spice Tour


Change of Management

Our longest ever stayed managers Arjen & Ellen have runned Bellevue with lots of heart, hard work and passion!
They have built up Bellevue and implemented systems that we needed to become more professional. They were there when we had to organise numerous of rebuilding and the big building of the pool! You organised great events like Christmas, New Year and many staff parties, They built a playground at the school in Bwejuu, supported football games, built a libary and a shop in Bellevue for everybody to enjoy!
We can't believe that that time has passed so fast and that we are two years further! They now start their new adventure & we are happy for them!
Thanks for everything! We wish them all the love, luck & success in the world!

We would also like to welcome Geert & Janna. They will manage Bellevue from now on. Geert and Janna are also from the Netherlands and are very keen to help all the guests with whatever they need and make their holiday unforgettable! 
Karibu Geert & Janna!


Sauti za Busara festival

One of the most exciting things about the African continent is its dynamic arts and culture scene. The celebration of this is even more amazing. Festivals are not just a good time but a key element in the development of the arts scene, one of Africa's hidden treasures. 

The Sauti za Busara festival, which translates to "Sounds of Wisdom," is held every year in February in Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania. Performance spaces include old forts, amphitheaters and other historic buildings. Besides live music shows, the festival includes several other activities such as movie screenings and fashion shows.

Sauti za Busara festival is a yearly returning festival we like to go to with our staff. We would like to invite all Bellevue guests to join us to this festival. It's an experience of a lifetime and a not-to-miss event when in Zanzibar in February!



Presents for nursery school

As fortunate guest in a society where many people have to do without the basics we take for granted in the Western world, Tamara decided to take some presents for the (children of a) local school. Tamara works in a school in the south of the Netherlands herself and brought a big bag with pencils, pens, balloons, colored folding papers and soap.

We went to the school together with Tamara, so that she could handed out the presents herself. Together with the head of the school we went from classroom to classroom to give the children their gifts. The smiles on the faces of the children were priceless.

Many of our guests often ask if there is something they can bring to help the local people. Please drop us an email if you want to know what you can bring. And if there is any particular field that is close to your heart, please let us know and we will find out more and put you in the right direction for your donation!