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Spicy times at Bellevue


Zanzibar; spice Island. Most of us already know that. But how exactly do the Zanzibari use all these spices in their food? And what are the typical dishes of Zanzibar? This we might find out sooner than later!  

Dutch cookbook writer Mirjam Letsch is now staying at Bellevue for a month, discovering Zanzibar and her Swahili kitchen. And the best part is: she will write all about it in her third Street Food cookbook! (To give you an indication: the Kosovo edition won an important cookbook price) Her husband is helping her out, making some stunning pictures to illustrate all those tasty recipes they are gathering for the Zanzibar Street Food book. An example you'll find above. And last but not least: Mirjam will share the books’ profit with a Zanzibarian charity, JENGA might play a part too. You can follow their story on the Street Food website

You better get your spices ready! :-)

Marleen, also staying at Bellevue at the moment, just got her spices ready actually. She visited a couple of local farmers to take 55 kg (!) of Zanzibar spices back home to the Netherlands. Why? Her daugther will use all these spices for making ‘kruidnoten’ and ‘speculaas’ at her bakery BBROOD (Dutch for ‘be bread’). Yum!

So yeah, spicy times at Bellevue. Are you also interested in (taking home some) spices from Zanzibar? Don’t hesitate to contact us or to get inspired by Mr Spice himself on his famous Spice Tour

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