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What's to do in the area?

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There are many things to do in the area apart from the tours all over the island. There are places to go snorkeling, good restaurants, places to relax. We will inform you with all the updated information and can always arrange transport for you. 

Going out

Bellevue is a small and personal guesthouse. The restaurant lies in the middle of the bungalows. Therefore we decided not to make Bellevue a party place, but instead for the guest who like to party run affordable transport to different places in the area!

  • Friday Night Party's; in the area we can direct you to friday night parties with DJ's or to a local beach cafe's, where you enjoy some great music and dancing
  • Wednesday night party's; in the area
  • Thursday night Quiz night; in Stone Town
  • Saturday night Reggae party's; in the area

In Bellevue you can lounge and relax. We organize bonfire's, on special occasions life bongo music singing/dance and great Swahili Dinner's....